Wanted: English Web Content Writers in Japan

Japan is getting increasing attention from people around the world. According to public records, 28 million people visited Japan in 2017, and the numbers are rising every year. Still, a lot of useful knowledge is only available in Japanese. That’s why Writer Station is looking for English web content writers who can provide this much needed information to support foreigners in Japan.

Which topics can English content writers cover?

Among the people who come to Japan are not only tourist, but also many who want to live here. They are looking for information about travelling, the culture, and real-life information and insights that only people who are living in Japan can provide.

Visiting Japan

Information about travel around Japan and Japanese culture:

  • Travelling, Japanese History and Culture
  • Tourist sites, from popular spots to local gems.
  • Cultural differences and other issues.
  • Authentic information based on first-hand experiences.

Working in Japan

Working in Japan can be a big challenge and many people face issues such as: How to get a job? What about visa conditions? What is the Japanese working culture like? ...etc. The demand for information on these topics is immense. If you are working in Japan, share your experience and help others find the answers they are looking for.

  • How to search for and get a job in Japan?
  • How to write a resume and prepare for an interview
  • What is the Japanese working culture like?
  • Visa; visa types, conditions and processes.

And so on.

Requirements for web content writers

Native level written English ability

You should be able to write comprehensive content and possess native level English writing skills.

Research skill

We value writers who can research independently and create high-quality, original articles, providing reliable information while bringing a unique perspective to the material.

Japanese language skills

Conversational-level or above Japanese reading and writing skills are desired. Writer Station is sending article requests in Japanese, so your language skills should be sufficient to understand the assignment and to be able to communicate with our Japanese staff.

Commitment to a regular writing schedule

We are looking for writers who are able to commit to regular writing schedule and can meet deadlines.

Japanese Bank Account

A Japanese bank account is necessary to receive remuneration.

Remuneration for our content writers

Remuneration for writing jobs is usually not displayed on the offer. But Writer Station is different. We show you exactly how much you can earn for each assignment.

Most freelance writing jobs are paid on a per-assignment basis. Depending on the assignment the number of the words required can vary. Writer Station pays on a per-word basis, which makes our remuneration system transparent and easy to understand. That way, you can always have an idea of the amount of work required for each job.

How to find a writing job in Japan?

There are various options to find a writing job in Japan. One way is to search on job sites in English for job offers as content writer.

Since staff positions are relatively rare, many writers turn to crowdsourcing or apply to English websites aimed at foreign tourists and residents for freelance tasks.

With Writer Station you do not need to constantly search for a new job or the next pitch. Once you join the team, we will regularly send new article requests to you.

Join Writer Station!

Why don’t you join Writer Station as an English content writer? Here are some of the benefits of working with us:

  • Writer Station is sending you assignments directly, so you do not need to spend time searching for the next job.
  • We can arrange a schedule and assignments that match your needs and experience level.
  • All our article requests clearly state the remuneration and the required number of words.
  • Writer Station pays every month by bank transfer and from the first article.

How to Apply?

To apply to Writer Station, please follow the steps below.

  1. Click the blue button that says ライターステーションに登録する at the bottom of this page.
  2. Fill in the application form.

    Tell us your name, address, contact number, email address and about any past work experience as a writer.

  3. Submit a writing sample

    Complete a small assignment to show us your skills. Same as for Writer Station’s regular article requests the task will be written in Japanese and you will be asked to submit your text in English.

  4. Submit and wait for the result.

    Submit the application form after you finished the assignment. We will check your application and send you the result by email.

Once you pass the assignment, Writer Station will start offering you writing jobs.